This is a campaign for the creation of a open-source typeface

érographie (érôs : desire – graphein : write)

To participate:

1. Write down one letter or number during an orgasm.

2. Take a picture of the result

3. Upload it on the site (with an optional anecdote).

Since the characters were made during the little death of more than 3000 people, every word written in Erography is a universal orgy; our graphic bacchanale.

FAQ c-arrow

The typeface use will be revealed on the release date

What can I write on?
On every surface where the handwriting is readable : paper, wall, tablecloth etc … As long as the character is legible, the surface or the medium is irrelevant

What to write in the “short story” field?
It’s an optional field to write something funny or weird about the origin of the letter or the orgasm’s circumstances for example.

Is it really anonymous?
We have no way of finding out who uploaded the image : no email taken , no name , no number.

Where to find the finished product?
The typeface and the fonts will be displayed on this website on the xx/xx/xx. along with short-movie / documentary.

More questions?
contact us

Illustrations - Lucciana Baradhi
© José Labaki / Heterodox